First Principles of Business Law                                                                                                Terms and conditions of use

 Sources of law: legislation

 Choose a topic from the list below




1. Legislation as a source of law

2. The legislative process

- Case study: Injuries in Sport

- Which government will legislate?


- Different kinds of Act

- Proposed law in the form of a Bill

- Procedure in the legislature

- Royal assent

- Commencement

3. The structure of an Act

4. Finding legislation

5. Legislation in operation

- The case study continued...

- Checking the Act applies

- Interpretation of legislation questions

6. Rules of interpretation

- The 'literal' approach

- The 'golden' rule

- Words with a technical meaning

- Specially defined words

- The purpose of an Act

- Other principles of interpretation

- Presumptions that assist interpretation

7. Resolving the case study

8. Words and phrases