First Principles of Business Law

Government and law in Australia
5. Institutions of Government
5.1. The separation of powers




 In accordance with the English 'Westminster' model of government, Australian governmental power is separated between various institutions (or organs) that have different functions and responsibilities. This is known as the doctrine of 'separation of powers'. Separating the powers of government between different organs is a way of limiting the potential abuse of power.

The various institutions of Australian governments are shown below.  It is important to know about these institutions and what powers and responsibilities they have.  Click on the diagram to learn more.

The institutions of Australian government

Click on the diagram  to find out about each of the institutions of Australian government. 

       1. The Crown   

2. Legislatures   

3. The executive   4. The courts
5. The Civil Service, Statutory Bodies and Statutory Offficers
       6. Local government
       7. Political parties
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