First Principles of Business Law

Government and law in Australia
5.1. The Crown

5.1.1.  The Crown as head of state




A 'head of state' is the supreme authority in a government. In Australia, the head of the Commonwealth and state governments is a monarch, currently Queen Elizabeth II (pictured opposite). Under the various constitutions, she and her heirs occupy this position by hereditary right.

Under Australia's constitutional rules, the queen does not herself participate in Australian government. Representatives are appointed to act in her place, with different titles at the federal and state levels. Which of the following statements is correct?

 (a) At the federal level, the Queen's representative is called the Governor-General. At the state level, her representative is called a Governor.

(b) At the federal level, the queen's representative is called the Governor. At the state level, her representative is called a Governor-General.



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