First Principles of Business Law                                                                                                Terms and conditions of use

 Sources of law: case law

 Choose a topic from the list below




1. Case law as a source of law

2. The doctrine of precedent

3. Cases that are potentially relevant as precedents

4. The jurisdiction and seniority of courts

5. Precedents that are not binding

6. The 'ratio decidendi' of a case

7. Information in law reports

Case names and dates

Catchwords and headnotes

The court, judges and counsel

Special terms and phrases found in law reports

8. The structure of a law report

9. Collections of law reports

10. Citing a law report

11. A case study using case law

Searching for similar cases

Evaluating the authority of previous decisions

Reading and analysing potentially relevant cases

Predicting the outcome

12. Words and phrases