First Principles of Business Law

Liability in tort for wrongful conduct

Choose a topic from the list below




1. The role of tort law

2. Trespass to land

3. Trespass to chattels

4. Conversion and detinue

5. Assault

6. Battery

7. False imprisonment

8. Private nuisance

9. Liability for animals

10. Deceit

11. Defamation

12. Negligence

(a) Recognising different types of conduct and harm

(b) The essential elements of liability for Negligence

1. The existence of a duty of care

2. A breach of the duty of care

3. Foreseeable harm caused by the breach

13. Vicarious liability

14. A law of tort or torts?

15. Tort, crime and contract

16. List of cases

17. Words and phrases