First Principles of Business Law                                                                                                Terms and conditions of use

 Performance and breach of contract

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1. Obligations and performance 

2. Interpreting the terms of a contract

3. Discharge of a contract by performance

- Specific performance

- Reciprocal obligations

- Divisible contracts

4. Establishing a breach of contract

- Non-performance

- Partial performance

- Substantial performance

- Hidden defects

- Late performance

- Anticipatory breach

- The effect of a breach on contractual obligations

5. Assessing the seriousness of a breach

- 'Conditions' in a contract

- 'Warranties' in a contract

- Innominate (unnamed) terms in a contract

6. Risk and frustration

- Risk in goods bought and sold

- Frustration of a contract

7. List of cases

8. Words and phrases