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 The tort of Negligence

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1. Liability for careless conduct that causes harm

2. The origins of the tort of Negligence

3. Liability for different types of conduct and harm

4. The existence of a 'duty of care'

4.1.The foreseeablity of harm

4.2. Establishing a duty situation or relationship

4.3. Special duty situations or relationships

5. Breach of a duty of care

5.1.The obligation to prevent harm to the plaintiff 

5.2. Taking reasonable steps to avoid harm

5.3. The onus of proving a breach of a duty of care

6. Causation

6.1. Establishing the cause of particular harm

6.2. Proving the link between 'cause' and 'harm'

6.3. The foreseeablity of the harm caused 

7. Defences

8. List of cases