Help for new users

The FPBL eStudy modules are easy to use. When you start a module, you will see a list of the topics covered.  You can click on any topic you want, but the first time through it is probably best to do them in order.  Most topics consist of a sequence of separate screens.  To navigate between screens, click on the links near the bottom of each screen.

The modules help you to understand specific topics by giving examples and asking questions. If you work through the examples and questions carefully, giving thought to your answers, and reading the feedback, you will quickly begin to learn and understand the things you need to know. You will soon find how to use them selectively in a way that suits you.

It is recommended to use the modules in conjunction with the First Principles of Business Law textbook.  

Most people need to work through each module more than once to learn and remember the details. Although computer-based materials are a convenient and effective way of learning, you will still need to make an effort. Just jumping from screen to screen without actually reading what is there will not help you. Take your time, be thorough, and have breaks when you get tired. 

Always remember that studying law requires accuracy and attention to detail. As you work, try to become familiar with the special terminology that is used and make sure that you can properly recall legal tests, requirements and rules. Don't be tempted to write down or print off every screen. You can return to the module as many times as you need until you have the ideas firmly in your head.

We hope you find the modules helpful in your studies.